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Christmas Holiday Timetables

From Monday 24th December we will be running a standard Saturday and Sunday timetable until Sunday 6th January 2019.  For more information click here https://at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/service-announcements/bus-train-and-ferry-christmas-holiday-timetables/

Monday 24th December - Satuday Timetable

Tuesday 25th December - Sunday Timetable

Wednesday 26th December - Sunday Timetable

Thursday 27th December - Saturday Timetable

Friday 28th December - Saturday Timetable

Saturday 29th December - Saturday Timetable

Sunday 30th December - Sunday Timetable

Monday 31st December - Saturday Timetable

Tuesday 1st January - Sunday Timetable

Wednesday 2nd January - Sunday Timetable

Thursday 3rd Janaury - Saturday Timetable

Friday 4th January - Saturday Timetable

Saturday 5th January - Saturday Timetable

Sunday 6th January - Sunday Time Table

Monday 7th January - Normal Timetable Mon- Fri