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Birkenhead Bus Spotting

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Auckland Ferry BuildingAuckland MuseumBirkenhead WharfBirkenhead WharfCity terminus opposite Sky TowerCity terminus opposite Sky TowerCrossing Auckland Harbour BridgeEden Park for the Rugby World CupEden Park platforms 7 and 8 waiting for the rugby fans.Eden Park waiting for the crowds after a Blues game.Exiting Highbury at the top of Onewa RoadHighburyHighbury ASB bus stop outbound from BirkenheadHighbury bus stop opposite ASB inbound from CityHighbury CornerHighbury top stop inbound from CityLower Albert StreetLower Albert Street - Downtown AucklandQueens Wharf with the liner Queen Elizabeth behind.TakapunaTakapuna waiting for rugby fans heading for Eden Park.Verrans Corner DepotVerrans Corner Depot

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